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If you're looking for your budget to go further in 2021, we are here to help you accomplish your goals.

Each year CMW works with our customers to maximize the effectiveness of their money. CMW has been helping reduce costs for decades with our ability to rebuild your equipment and reverse engineer outdated or expensive, long lead time components. Instead of choosing which components will be replaced based on your budget, look to us to help your money go further.

  • Do you have a piece of equipment you can no longer purchase from the OEM that is beyond repair? 

  • No problem. 

  • Is the OEM's lead time beyond what your schedule will allow? 

  • We are ready to help. 

  • CMW has above the shop floor management to reverse engineer your equipment. 

  • OEM's are often expensive with long lead times. 

  • CMW will utilize our equipment, including our PMI [Positive Material Identification] gun to exactly match the material of construction, draw your component and then build it turnkey. 

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