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Our manufacturing services shape the story to our success

A fabricated screw in a manufacturing facility

May 10, 2021

Conveyor Screw Repair


Over time these conveyor screws begin to suffer wear from continued service.  Stub shaft wear, keyway damage and bent or damaged flights can adversely affect the operations.


CMW understands the critical areas on these conveying components.  We replace stub shafts, flights and repair keyways.  We also frequently apply hard-facing material to the leading edges of the flights to extend the life of the important components.

A quality critical fabrication in a manufacturing facility

June 14, 2020

Build to print Defense Industry


Our Defense customers need a experienced fabricator who possess the stringent military Non-destructive testing, Welding and Quality certifications to perform their work and comply with their flow down customer requirements.  They also depend on our experience to thoroughly evaluate each design to preempt fabrication problems or suggest alternatives to improve cost, lead time and quality.  CMW leverages our extensive supply chain to take portions of our customer's complex systems and create a one stop solution to bring capability and capacity just when they need it.


From the initial design concept, through fabrication, machining, mechanical assembly and finishing, CMW brought our capabilities to bear and ensured our customer's program was a success.  Our world-class craftsmen provided technical expertise, disciplined manufacturing control and reliable quality to ensure our customer's success.


March 18, 2020

122 Circulator Conversion


CMW developed this conversion for the 122 Circulator nearly 20 years ago.  We listened to our customers who shared their pain dealing with draining the entire tank in order to disassemble the bearing housing and replace the bearings.


With the goal of simplifying the process for our customer we've removed the bearing housing altogether.  We've replaced it with a pillow block configuration, this provides:

  • A cleaner method of lubricating the bearings.  This eliminates oil leakage which saves money, decreases potential injuries due to slippery hazards and benefits the environment.

  • Pillow block bearings are inherently more reliable.  We've performed this modification over forty times in the past 15 years without needing to repair a single modified housing.  The results are longer service life and better reliability.

  • This configuration allows the replacement of bearings without draining the oil-tank.  This has been a cost savings to our customer as down time has been eliminated and reliability increased.

Stainless Steel fabrication and welding containers

October 20, 2020

Dry Power Tote Bins


Lengthen the life cycle while maintaining the bins current capacity and functionality. These components transport dry product and are subject to constant handling. The original design was made from a plastic material. Our customer wanted to compare costs on alternate materials of construction. With input from CMW they decided on a light weight and durable stainless steel that complies with the original design footprint.


Using SolidWorks® to redesign these bins, CMW was able to maintain the capacity, increase functionality and lengthen the life cycle.

A five foot salt cake filter assembly

February 9, 2021

Titanium Salt Cake Filter


Our customer's depend on CMW's build to print capabilities to fabricate their equipment to specification, on budget and on time.  Over thirty years ago, this international customer needed a qualified metal fabricator who could manufacture these specialty rotating filters used in the Pulp Industry.  


CMW brings value to our customers with our mechanical engineering expertise, disciplined process control, and  integration capabilities.  Over these part three decades we've partnered with this customer to build these filters for their chemical systems.  We've shipped these throughout the world and take great pride in being a strategic supplier for this customer.

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